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Dine in the Southern Highlands

Eschalot Restaurant, Berrima.  <<< Win the Ultimate Getaway with Peppers Manor House! >>>  True old world charm can be found in the flourishing hillsides of the Southern Highlands, where a diverse food culture blossoms in an abundant region known for its rich history and unique


Must-Have Southern Highlands Travel Tips

Mount Ashby Estate, Moss Vale.    Independent publisher, Quicksand Food has just released their latest cookbook, The Southern Highlands Cookbook, inspiring both at-home Chefs to don an apron and dust down the kitchen bench with flour and those with a nose for adventure to embark


Southern Highlands Style

Interviews by Shawn Sheather, compiled by Annabel Rainsford. What was once old, has been made new again and without any loss of charm or character! <<< Win the Ultimate Getaway with Peppers Manor House! >>> Peppers Manor House, Dining Stables. Nestled among sweeping landscapes in


Talking Southern Highlands with Stefan Posthuma-Grbic

Upon the release of The Southern Highlands Cookbook by independent publisher, Quicksand Food, AGFG was fortunate enough to interview company Director, Stefan Posthuma-Grbic about the venture and more. Discussing the Southern Highlands district from which the cookbook is inspired, Stefan provides insight into the journey


The Southern Highlands in Your Kitchen

 By Julie Johnson. The Shaggy Cow’s Peach Verrine with Crème Patissiere, peach compote, nectarine granita and vanilla meringue, p 89. Uncover the raw beauty flourishing in the New South Wales’ Southern Highlands region with the all-encompassing publication The Southern Highlands Cookbook, collated by the Quicksand Food


Chasing the Last Fire

By Shawn Sheather. Unwind Hunter Valley — Paradise Hill. With the beginning warmth of Summer and the focus on the outdoors, pool parties and picnics, we’re making the most of the brisk air by heading up into the mountains in search of some of the


A Chardonnay Made with Food in Mind

By David Ellis from vintnews. It’s been over forty years now that Yellow Label has been at the heart of winemaking at Wolf Blass wines, delivering to buyers a range of wines from South Australia that are consistently fruit driven and full-on in flavour. Among


Where to Dine like a Spaniard

Bring out the saffron-infused seafood paella and raise that glass of Tempranillo; we’ll be celebrating Spain’s National Day on October 12 with a fiesta! Sesame seared tuna, sweetcorn and ginger puree with pickled carrot and chive oil at Bistro Dom.    Known as Fiesta Nacional


Tasty Tapas

Compiled by Julie Johnson. Pintxos, Boca Del Sur. Easy eating is the motto of tapas — an ideal way to enjoy a feast of flavours and textures all in one sitting with friends, and without looking too greedy! The Spanish were some of the first


When in Spain, Throw Food!

Compiled by Annabel Rainsford. Image: La Tomatina Oficial. The Spanish certainly know how to throw a good party! From the world-renowned running with the bulls’ festival to tossing tomatoes, a multitude of frivolous fiestas and festivals exist all throughout the country. Even each town is